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How to make a career in food technology?

How to make a career in food technology?

How to make a career in food technology?

How food is a victim of food In this world, food is just as important for human beings as it is for other things to survive. No life can be imagined without food. How does food technology prepare? How to do a food technology course?

A person needs food every day for working, for energy and for living, which he provides through various foods. You know that change is the law of creation. In this day and age, just as everything else has changed, so has our diet.

You know that our country India is the Minister of Agriculture and about 70% of its population lives in villages and it is from the villages that the cities of India get bread.

Fruit and vegetable production is high in India, which is why many domestic and international food processing companies are being set up in our country today, which is a golden opportunity for young people in food technology. India contributes 4% to the world's fruit production and 2.7% to vegetables.


The production and sale of food technology in India has immense advantages due to which many indigenous and multinational food processing companies are being set up in our country, but our country has a severe shortage of skilled people in this field and where there is less competition, rapid progress is achieved. Is.

This is the main reason why you will find so many career options in this field. This article is for you if you are also thinking of making a career in food technology. Let us know what food technology is. And how to make a career out of it.



What is food technology?

The food processing sector includes all the products that preserve the quality, taste and color of the processed food such as butter, soft drinks, gems and jellies, fruit juices, biscuits, ice cream etc.

Globally, the entire future of any company depends solely on food technology. That is why food processing companies hire experienced food scientists in their laboratories to maintain public confidence in the company and any company has to pay special attention to the quality of its goods and consumer confidence to stay in the market.

Fertilizer products can now be processed using food technology to prevent them from spoiling in large quantities and to make good quality and nutritious food items available for consumption in the market. This will also increase employment a lot.


What are the merits of food technology?

If you want to make a career in food technology, you should get at least 50% marks in standard 12 with subjects like chemistry, biology, physics or mathematics to make a career in this field. After graduating in this field, you can get an MSc degree in Food Technology.

What are the areas of food technology?

There are two areas in food technology, one is manufacturing process, the other is value added process. Let us tell you in detail about these two.

1. Manufactured processes:

In the manufacturing process, agricultural products and animal products are transformed into physical raw materials so that they become edible and marketable. Such as milk powder, butter, ice cream etc. |

2. Value-added processes:

Fertilizers are modified under the value-added process so that they can last longer and not spoil faster. Such as making sauce from tomatoes or ice cream from milk.

What is the main course of a food processing career?

BSc (Hons) Food Technology (3 years)
BTech Food Technology (4 years)
MTech Food Technology (2 years)
PG Diploma in Food Science and Technology (4 years)
MBA (Agri Business Management (2 years)  

What is the path of food technology? :

During food technology, students are taught about proper maintenance of food items and related technical information like freezing, packaging etc. Under this course students are also given information about processing of food items like meat, fruits, vegetables, fees etc.


What is a Food Processing Institute? Food Processing Career University

  1. Delhi University, Delhi

  2. Indira Gandhi International Open University, Medangadhi, Delhi

  3. G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

  4. Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

  5. Kanpur University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

  6. Kolkata University, Kolkata

  7. Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab

  8. Mumbai University, Mumbai

  9. Nagpur University, Nagpur

  10. Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore

  11. Birla Institute of Technology, Mensara, Ranchi, Bihar

How did you get the scholarship to study Food Technologist?

If you want to make a career in food technology, you can also get government help. That is, you can get a scholarship. NARM ICAR Senior Research Fellowship, Ramalingaswamy Fellowship are two major scholarships in this field. In addition, Agri Biotech Foundation, ABF PhD Fellowship, SK Patil Loan Scholarship and JN Tata Endowment Scholarship etc.

How to get an educational loan for food technology?

If you want to make a career in food technology but you do not have money to take this course, you can get education loan from major national, private or foreign banks of India to take this course.

In case of education loan, the student has to pay the admission letter, tuition fee, hostel expenses and other expenses from the institution from which the admission is to be made, as well as to submit the certificate of income of the parents as the guarantor.


What are the advantages of food technologists?

As you know, anyone must be interested in that work in order to do it. Similarly, food technologists need to have qualities like scientific evaluation ability, interest in health and nutrition, full interest in work.

The food technologist has to work as an important part of the team so his communication skills should also be very good. In addition, they should be in the habit of staying up-to-date on scientific and technological changes in diet and nutrition.

After doing this course, many job options are openedYou ca

Employment Opportunities in Food Technology:

n get jobs in food processing units, retail companies, hotels, agri products manufacturing companies. You can then get a job in laboratories working on techniques for food quality testing, monitoring their production function and long-term food preservation.

What is the salary in the field of food technology?

A person working in this field will initially get 10,000 to 15,000 jobs per month and one person gains experience and capacity in this field, so his salary will also increase. There is a huge shortage of skilled people in the field right now for your information, so from this point of view, this field can be very beneficial for you.



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