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Instagram account, how to login with your facebook account, easy way

 Instagram account, how to login with your facebook account, easy way

 Instagram account

We know that Instagram and Facebook are both the most popular social media platforms right now, where you stay connected with your friends, family and coworkers. Here you also share images, videos and text messages. As we know, Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago and now these two companies are owned by Meta. Now if you use both Facebook and Instagram, can you link to both of these accounts? So let me tell you, can you link the accounts of these two social media platforms?

If you also want to know if you can link Instagram and Facebook account? So the answer is yes, you can interlink your Facebook account through Instagram app. You can do this interlinking through both iOS and Android platforms. Apart from this you can also follow your Facebook friends on Instagram. In addition, you can also share Instagram posts on Facebook. But you can't post directly from Facebook to Instagram.

Can you find your Facebook account from Instagram?

To find your Facebook account on Instagram, go to your profile section of Instagram, and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen. Then click on the 'Discover People' option and then Connect then click on Facebook which is at the top of the screen and then click Connect and login to your Facebook account.

Can you find out the Facebook password from Instagram?

When logging in from Instagram to Facebook, Facebook's password is the same as your Instagram.

What happens when you login to Instagram from Facebook?

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook profile means you can share stories and posts from Instagram directly to Facebook. However, you can only connect your profile to the Instagram app from iOS and Android devices.

What happens when you log in to Instagram from Facebook?

If you're logged into an Instagram account connected to Facebook, you can share Instagram posts on the Facebook page. The page admin or editor can share your page's story on Instagram, as well as updates made on Facebook will be shown on Instagram.

How do I unlink my Facebook account from an Instagram account?

You can unlink your Instagram and Facebook account from the Instagram app or website. To do this you follow these steps.

Go to Instagram profile.

>> Then go to the menu.
>> Go to settings.
>> Then go to the account center.
>> Then you go to account and profile.
>> After this you have to select the account you want to unlink and then tap on 'Remove from Accounts Center'.

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